TACRAY Tactical Pen Review

TACRAY Tactical Pen Review

Tactical pens are an effective and convenient self defense tool.

Though they’re just now starting to see greater popularity, these humble tools have been just as effective since they were first created.

As for what kind of pen you should buy, the TACRAY tactical pen is a great choice for those who want a simple yet effective option to defend themselves.

Made from only the best materials, it’s sure to satisfy your need for both a quality writing instrument and a self defense tool all in one.

Pen Specs

The TACRAY tactical pen is both stylish and extremely durable as a tactical pen should be, managing to avoid the pitfall of looking too much like a weapon that many pens of its kind can’t avoid.

Available with both a polished surface (Mirror Polishing) or matte finish (Sand Blasted), this pen’s simple and elegant design hides its usefulness and utility well.

TSA Unofficial Clearance

This works doubly well if you’re a frequent flier, allowing your pen through TSA without much hassle (as attested by buyers), a feature other tactical pens can’t quite vouch for (again, as attested by buyers).

Titanium Good Looks

Crafted from genuine Ti-6AL-4V titanium alloy and carbon fiber, this pen is virtually indestructible and extremely lightweight. This tactical pen can both take and give as much punishment as you can manage without showing the slightest signs of instability. Its black midsection tipped with a chrome cap and tip make it a treat just to look at, too.


Unique to the TACRAY pen is options for customization. Not only do you have two selection for appearance, but for using different striking tips. The pen comes with both a tungsten tip and ceramic tip you can switch between depending on which material you prefer. 

Both look the same, meaning there won’t be any sacrifice of subtlety when using one over the other, and both materials are sufficiently hard and durable to make a dent in a pane of glass or an attacker’s skull.


Tactical Ink

The ballpoint itself uses German-made Schmidt P900M ink cartridges. A quality brand of black ink, it matches perfectly with the pen’s sophisticated appearance by giving you crisp, clean lines without a hassle.

The cartridge itself is rather thick and solid, too, potentially giving you the option of a piercing strike if the situation arises without fear of damaging your pen.

Pens Cap

Finally, the pen’s cap is impressive in its own right, being flat and strong enough to deliver hard hits against your desired target. Its slightly concave design also helps you better grip your pen when holding it for self defense, as well.

The pocket clip, made from the same titanium alloy as the rest of the pen’s metal, will serve you well in helping you keep track of your pen and easily use it in a moment’s notice.

Where to Buy

If these features sounds appealing to you, you can purchase your own TACRAY tactical pen through Amazon.

The mirror polished version sells for $57.99 while the sand blasted version sells for $59.99, both offering free shipping as standard.

TACRAY Tactical Pen Review

Customer Reviews

While descriptions can be beneficial, the best indicator of a product’s quality is what other buyers have to say about it. For the TACRAY tactical pen, this seems to be almost universally positive.

Typically, we’d present one positive and one negative review of the product to give a more complete understanding of what people think of it, but we can’t do that this time.

Every Amazon review for the product at the time of this writing is a perfect 5 out of 5 stars, meaning you can likely draw your own conclusions on how well it works. Instead, we’ll simply present one of those positive reviews.

TACRAY Tactical Pen 5 Star Review

This tactical pen is the most discreet I’ve ever seen. It is remarkably sturdy for a design that isn’t a metal spike with a pen inside. Except for the “glass breaking tip”, it looks like a normal, high end pen…Fit and finish are excellent, much better than you get from most tactical pens, and this is to be expected for the price. That said, the price is fair, the pen is very, very nice.

My only complaint is that this pen is smaller than other tactical pens I’ve owned. It is shorter than I would like by about half an inch. However it is very lightweight and comfortable to write with, so the smaller size seems directly proportional to ease of use and comfort.


Final Thoughts

When buying a self defense tool, quality is what’s most important. Rest assured that the TACRAY tactical pen is one of the best instruments, both for writing and self defense, you can buy.

No matter what your primary use for this pen might end up being, we’re sure you’ll be happy with it.

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