Boker Plus Tactical Pen Cid Cal .45 Review

Tactical pens serve a useful purpose both in their ability to work as a last ditch self defense tool and as a convenient writing utensil all in one.

Like all self defense tools, however, you need to be a bit discerning when you’re looking to buy one. So which tactical pen would be right for you?

There are many factors to consider when finding the perfect pen, but the Boker Plus Cid Cal .45 tactical pen is a great choice for beginners and veterans alike.

Its inventive design and unique appearance makes it an effective and fun piece to add to any collection. What’s so great about it? 

Boker Plus Tactical Pen .45 Review

Let’s take a look at what this pen can do to find out.

Pen Specs

Crafted by designers Rainer Wenning and Thomas Braunagel, the Boker Plus Cid Cal .45 is a seriously cool tactical pen.

What sets it apart from other pens, tactical or otherwise, is its unique deployment mechanism.

Boker Plus Tactical Pen Review

Unique Design

Designed like the stock of a rifle (hence the name), the LAMY #M22 ballpoint ink cartridge in the Cid Cal .45 only comes out by moving the bolt action mechanism to “load” it into place.

While this design may seem like no more than a novelty, and it certainly is fun to use, but it actually represents a much more practical purpose when viewing the pen in its entirety.

Lock and Load

The Cid Cal .45 lacks a dedicated striking end like other tactical pens, meaning your first means of defense while using it will be to stab with the pen’s ballpoint. 

In a regular pen, this would only serve to push the point back into its housing, but the Cid Cal .45’s bolt action mechanism prevents this from happening, letting you fight as hard as you can without fear of breaking your pen and being left defenseless.

It manages this kind of durability through its construction as well as its locking mechanism. Crafted from anodized CNC milled aluminum, the Cid Cal .45 manages to be tough yet lightweight enough to carry with you everywhere.

Professional Appearance

It also has a good feeling of heft while holding, making it a treat to have in your hand. Its entirely black (or gray) finish, too, gives a professional and classy look appropriate for students, office workers, top executives, or anyone looking for an attractive writing tool.

Indestructible Clip Design

Finally, in lieu of a cap, the Cid Cal .45 opts for an integrated clip design, working a space into the end of the pen where it can be slipped onto a fold to hold in place.

This makes it virtually impossible to lose so long as you remember which pocket you’ve placed it in, as no amount of wear and tear over the years will be able to separate the clip from your pen like others.

At the rear is a flat textured head, designed to give your thumb a place to rest while utilizing the pen as a self defense weapon. It could also work as a striking weapon on its own, though that isn’t its main purpose.

Boker Plus Cid Cal .45 tactical pen BLACK

Where to Buy

If this sounds appealing to you, you can purchase the Boker Plus Cid Cal .45 tactical pen on Amazon for just $42.42, free shipping included standard.

You can also purchase it directly through the Boker website for $65.95, though without the promise of free shipping.

Customer Reviews

You can only learn so much through description, though. The best way to judge a product before you buy is to listen to reviews, and the Boker Plus Cid Cal .45 tactical pen has plenty of those.

Currently sitting at 3.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon, here are two reviews of the product on opposite ends of the spectrum (one good and one bad) to help you get a clearer picture of the pen’s strong points and shortcomings.

Boker Plus Tactical Pen 5 Star Review

Very nice pen. Had a few different edc pens and I’ve always liked a clicky type but the bolt action intrigued me. This thing is great, takes a bit getting used to action and a bit tight for the first few clicks but it’s amazing now. So light weight, great size for edc, and built in clip is solid. The cap likes to unscrew so keep an eye on it but it’s worth it to me


Boker Plus Tactical Pen 1 Star Review

I got it in its case (case is probably worth more than the pen) and it was pretty loose fitted…It writes “ok,” about as well as a $0.25 bic you’d accidentally walk off with from any public kiosk…Opened it up and found the cartridge is a short type replacement, so you’re not going to be able to replace it with most types…This would have been a neat knick-knack for $1.50 at a hardware store checkout. Not $40 online.

Rubber Jackal

Final Thoughts

You need to thoroughly consider any self defense tool you’re thinking of buying to ensure ti’s the best fit for you, and tactical pens are no exception.

Even so, the Boker Plus Cid Cal .45 tactical pen is a great piece of equipment, sure to please you no matter how high your standards.

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