Best Tactical Pens

A tactical pen is a great self defense weapon you can carry with you almost anywhere.

Unlike other weapons like knives, batons, or guns, tactical pens just can’t be beat in the ease with which they can be concealed or with how versatile and easy they are to use.

Anyone could make use of one of these pens, either for self defense or office paperwork.

But buying a tactical pen is the easy part. The hard part comes with actually finding which pen you want to buy.

While instinct may lead you to try something cheap – and this isn’t always a bad thing, especially for those without much experience with self defense weapons – the strongest tactical pens usually mean you’re going to have to spend a little extra. The quality is more than worth the few more dollars as you’ll be able to see for yourself.

Here is the list of the 30 best tactical pens on the market. (in no particular order)

Best Tactical Pens

Gerber Tactical Pen

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

The Gerber Impromptu tactical pen is a great self defense weapon and pen. Available in black, grey, and Earth (brown), it uses a traditional push button operating mechanism to deploy the ink cartridge, which is specially designed to be able to write in even the roughest conditions. Not only that, its rough texture both feels good in your hand and helps you keep a grip when using the steel glass breaking tip.

5.11 Tactical Pens

5.11 Double Duty 1.5 Tactical Pen

5.11’s Double Duty 1.5 pen is well-crafted tool sure to serve you well in both writing and self defense. With a sharpened tip, it can pierce your targets more effectively than other tactical pens with a blunt end. Its curved body structure helps you keep a grip of it in your hand whether you’re using it offensively or to write reports. Read more here...

CRKT Tao Pen

Columbia River Knife Tool Tao Tactical Pen

Designed by renowned bladesmith Allen Elishewitz, the CRKT Tao tactical pen is a force to be reckoned with. Designed in three stages, this pen gives you multiple options for fighting back against an attacker. The hard, impact-resistant cap can be used for striking at an aggressor or breaking glass, while the pointed butt can be used for precise, disabling attacks while remaining non-lethal. However, the pen’s own point is sturdy enough to be used as a stabbing weapon, giving you a more deadly option if push comes to shove.

Benchmade Tactical Pens

Benchmade Tactical Pens

Benchmade is a company known for crafting quality knives, and their tactical pen selection is no different. Available in a huge assortment of colors and materials (blue titanium, charcoal aluminum, charcoal aluminum with reinforced carbide tip, gold aluminum, pink aluminum, red aluminum, stainless steel, and Damascus steel), there’s a pen out there for whatever your style is, as well as some consideration for your wallet.

Regardless of material or color, though, each pen is quality craftsmanship on its own. The beveled tip delivers a devastating amount of force to whatever your target is, all with the Benchmade quality guarantee and replacement/repair policy.

Tuff Writer Pen

Tuff-Writer Operator Series Tactical Pen

The Tuff-Writer tactical pen really lives up to its name, functioning perfectly in temperatures ranging from -30 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. While the reason for the average person being in these conditions might not be clear, it’s a good feature to have on top of all the other positives of this pen. Its sturdy construction and pointed tip let it function as a great glass breaker or deterrent, as well as double as a touch screen stylus due to how smoothly the end is rounded.

Surefire IV Pen

Surefire IV Writing Pen with Clicking Mechanism

While it might be designed closer to an ordinary pen with its clicking mechanism, the Surefire IV can still stand up to the best tactical pens on the market. Made of sturdy anodized aluminum, its sleek design and smooth surface make it a treat to hold. While less useful as a battering item, it can still stab with a tremendous amount of force and power due to its solid construction holding it together regardless of the force used on it.

Nitecore Tactical Pen

NiteCore NTP10 Tactical Pen

The NiteCore NTP10 is a surprisingly hearty pen despite its low weight. This comes courtesy of its titanium construction, allowing longevity far beyond that of most other tactical pens.

A tungsten steel tip packs a major punch against any target, and then pen has been tested to write properly even in the harshest conditions, including space. Its adjustable inner barrel can be changed around to accommodate different kind of ink refills, too.

Hardcore Hardware Tactical Pen

Hardcore Hardware TWI-02 Tactical Pen

Hardcore Hardware is a company specializing in creating weaponry for safety personnel and law enforcement. As one would expect from a company like this, their tactical pens are a great investment. A steel glass breaking tip and aluminum body provide the strength and support necessary to punch through just about anything, and the textured design along the sides gives a better, safer hold.

StatGear Tactical Pen

StatGear Tactical Pen

StatGear’s tactical pen is a simple yet effective option. Textured for a better grip, it features a hardened carbide tip to do extra damage to your target, designed specifically to hold the pen cap in place while writing. The pen itself uses a Fisher Space Pen pressurized ink cartridge, allowing you to write in even the harshest conditions and upside down.

Boker Tactical Pen

Boker Plus Cid Cal .45 Tactical Pen

No, that’s not a mistake. The Boker Plus Cid Cal .45 tactical pen is themed around a .45 caliber rifle, as well as being the same gauge as a standard .45 cartridge. Turning the bolt action for reloading a gun into a means to eject the point of the pen makes this a fun conversation piece at any gathering, and its integrated clip means you’re not likely to lose it.

Made of anodized aluminum, it’s sturdy and tough enough to compliment the flat back end. Though it probably won’t be breaking any glass, it should hold up pretty well in a self defense situation.

CRKT Tao 2

CRKT Tao 2 Tactical Pen

Made specifically with self defense in mind, the Columbia River Knife and Tool Tao pen is the perfect match for those who expect to be going up against people more than glass. The textured impact crown on top of the pen cap can be used to inflict heavy damage with a single strike, with the pointed pen butt can be used for thrusting in more precise areas.

The tungsten carbide pen point itself is strong enough to be used as a piercing weapon, as well, in addition to functioning through all sorts of harsh weather conditions and intense temperatures.

TACRAY Tactical Pen

TACRAY Titanium Tactical Pen

The main draw for the TACRAY tactical pen would be its construction with genuine Ti-6AL-4V titanium alloy and carbon fiber making it extremely lightweight yet nigh unbreakable through ordinary means.

This pen can function as two separate striking points, featuring a tungsten steel point on one end and a flat ceramic pen cap on the other, both offering major power with every blow. On top of all that, it takes Schmidt P900M ink cartridges from Germany, delivering some of the most crisp and smooth writing you’ll ever experience.

United Cutlery Pen

United Cutlery UC2787 Marine Tactical Pen

Known for their knives and blades, United Cutlery’s foray into the tactical pen game shows just as much quality as they’re typically known for. Made of black anodized aluminum, this pen is a tough customer for self defense and everyday living. A precision point allows for concentrated striking power, while a rough textured surface gives you a strong no-slip grip even in the tensest moments.

Paul Kim Tactical Pen

PKTP-CB Tactical Pen

While it’s definitely a bit non-traditional in looks, Paul Kim’s PK Design Lab has come up with a truly unique and effective tactical pen. At first glance it may not appear very natural to hold, but upon getting your hands on it you’ll come to realize just how comfortable it is.

It features a stainless steel rear point for hard impacts, as well as three decorative bezels serving to protect your hand from debris or damage. A fourth bezel on the front can open or close the pen when you want to write or store it.

Zero Tolerance Tactical Pen

Zero Tolerance Tactical Pen

Simple and to the point, the Zero Tolerance tactical pen is an attractive and efficient tool for both your writing and self defense needs. One side is a sturdy glass breaking tip, the other is a quality pen able to stay legible in even the worst conditions. The pen’s cap even features a special O-ring to secure itself in place and create an air tight seal, keeping out any air or moisture that might threaten to dry out your pen.

Titaner Titanium Tactical Pen

Titaner Titanium Tactical Pen

Titaner’s tactical pen features a unique design. Rather than the rugged and dangerous looks of other tactical pens, it opts for a more traditional appearance reminiscent of something plastic, effectively camouflaging it even to most experts.

What at first glance appears to be nothing more than a touch screen stylus can be removed to reveal a beveled striking point, perfect for defending yourself and smashing through objects. Its titanium construction makes it sturdy and durable enough to take on as much force as you can give despite how thin it is.

Street Wise Tactical Pen

Street Wise Police Force Tactical Pen

Designed specifically for use in law enforcement, the Street Wise Police Force tactical pen is three things in one: A pen, a self defense weapon, and an ultra bright LED light. A beveled glass breaking tip conceals a high quality pen, with a built in flashlight attached to the other end.

Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen

Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen

World renowned gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson have released their very on take on the tactical pen, and it definitely lives up to their reputation. No bells and whistles here, as this pen means business. A slick design belays the destructive power hidden behind the self defense tip, coming nearly to a point to allow the user to make precision strikes against an attacker or foreign object. Underneath the tip is the pen, utilizing a Parker and Hauser ink cartridge for high quality and long lasting writing ability.

Rothco Tactical Pen

Rothco Tactical Pen

As the name implies, the Rothco tactical pen was made to compliment the duties of law enforcement. This is best exemplified by the hidden handcuff key stored in the rear end attached to a screw on cap. Unscrewing that part of the pen reveals the hidden glass breaker. On the other end is the pen itself, offering a long lasting and crisp inkflow.

Schrade SCPENPH Tactical Pen

Schrade SCPENPH Tactical Pen

Making quite the statement on appearance alone, the Schrade SCPENPH tactical pen is a hearty tactical pen with a rounded tip perfect for making precise strikes against a target. The end unscrews to reveal a Hauser Parker ball point pen cartridge underneath, providing you with long lasting quality penmanship. Adorned in pink with fancy heart decals, the Schrade SCPENPH is surely the most unusual piece on this list.

TX Outdoor Survival Tactical Pen

TX Outdoor Survival Tactical Pen

TX’s Outdoor Survival tactical pen is unique for its segmented design. The read section of the pen can be unscrewed and attached perpendicular to the striking end itself, allowing you to hold it in your hand similar to a push knife and jab with it, rather than using it in a stabbing or beating motion like most others.

This effectively makes the already durable and destructive tungsten steel head that much more powerful. Unscrewing the head reveals the pen beneath, long lasting and hearty enough to write in any environment.

Timberline 700 Lightfoot LCP Combat Pen

Timberline 700 Lightfoot LCP Combat Pen

The Lightfoot LCP pen was designed not as a pen with combat applications, but as a combat tool with a pen application. This is evident by its extra long glass breaking head, almost giving the appearing of a knife when gripped by the textured end. Beneath the striking head is a refillable Spr4 Fisher ink cartridge, providing quality writing capabilities to compliment the pen’s self defense applications.

CC-JJ Tactical Pen

CC-JJ Tactical Pen

The CC-JJ tactical pen is made from aviation aluminum, giving it a sturdy yet lightweight feel in your hand. The beveled striking head, however, is made of tungsten embedded stainless steel, giving your blows some extra weight behind them without fear of your pen breaking or bending.

Unique among tactical pens is that, rather then removing the striking head, the pen is revealed by unscrewing the tail end of the pen where the clip is. Though unlikely, this could have potential benefits in that you’ll never be caught off guard while you write, ready to take action at a moment’s notice without having to fumble with reassembling your pen.

WUBEN Tactical Pen

WUBEN Tactical Pen

The WUBEN tactical pen is a great tool for anyone, especially campers and survivalists. This is because, in addition to the traditional functions of a tactical pen, it features an ultra powerful LED flashlight in the body of the pen. With two levels of intensity, you can switch between a low light 3 Lumens mode to a high light 130 Lumens mode with a simple press of a button.

Schrade Grey Tactical Pen

This Schrade product is a great tactical pen with a more subdued color scheme than the one previously discussed on this list. With a long striking head coming to a rounded point at the end, you can deliver precision blows to a target while keeping control with the specially designed grip. Removing the head reveals the pen underneath.

Maxam Mini Tactical Pen

Maxam Mini Tactical Pen

If portability is the name of the game, then the Maxam mini tactical pen is the right tool for you. Despite its small size, this pen still packs quite a punch with a tungsten tip and solid metal construction. Additionally, it also has a lanyard ring attached to the end, giving you the option to wear it around your neck or wrap a cord around your hand to help you keep a hold of it (though with its textured surface, that’s hardly necessary).

VALTCAN Titanium Tactical Pen

VALTCAN Titanium Tactical Pen

Constructed from polished titanium, the VALTCAN tactical pen is a stylish and versatile tactical pen with a plethora of uses. The spiral design of the pen cap and tungsten striking head give the pen a unique flair while also helping to cut down on its alright small amount of weight.

Additionally, housed within the body of the pen is a multitool, featuring a bottle opener, flat head screwdriver, small blade, and hex wrench, as well as a whistle contained within the pen cap. On top of that, the pen features a Schmidt 635M mini ball pen ink cartridge, ensuring high quality writing with an extra on hand for replacement when needed.

Browning Tactical Pen

Browning Tactical Pen

Just like their guns, Browning’s tactical pen is a high quality self defense tool and writing instrument worthy of the brand’s name. Both ends can potentially be used, a broader side with raised metal point for breaking glass and a thinner end for precision strikes. A rough texture helps you to keep hold of the pen while feeling good in your hand.

PK-TPE-BK Tactical Pen

PK-TPE-BK Tactical Pen

Yet another stylish pen from the PK Design Lab, the PK-TPE-BK won’t make you choose between form and function. Its unique design helps users keep a grip of the pen whether it’s being used in combat or for filing reports.

Featuring a beveled striking head as well as a broad pen cap with raised crown, this pen can be used from both ends to deliver devastating blows to whatever target you choose. Additionally, the cap can be securely placed over both ends, either to cover the high quality point to prevent the ink from drying or the striking head while you work.

Rick Hinderer Knives Investigator Pen

Rick Hinderer Knives Investigator Pen

A classy pen fit for a detective, the Rick Hinderer Knives investigator pen is a beautiful but dangerous tactical pen ready for anything. Constructed primarily from brass, this pen has a certain weight and feel to it most other tactical pens can’t match.

A grooved body helps the user keep a firm grip on the weapon while striking with the pointed end, or even just while writing notes. Additionally, Rick Hinderer Knives products are designed to be modular, meaning a user with the appropriate accessory parts could unscrew the striking head and replace it with dozens of other convenient options tailored to their specific uses.

Write Away

These 30 pens should give you a good starting place to find the tactical pen that’s right for you. Though the price tag might be intimidating, think of it more as a guarantee for quality rather than a hope, as you’d get with some others that are more low priced. But, whether it be a cheap pen or expensive pen, a good tactical pen that fits your needs will serve you well for many years to come.

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