Why Tactical Pens?

While some uses of Tactical Pen might be fairly obvious, others can surprise you with just how versatile and useful a tactical pen can be. That goes double for many of the high quality pens featured on this website.

A tactical pen’s main function will be, of course, acting as a pen. Tactical Pens can still excel at this through the use of high quality ink, as well as replaceable cartridges once one runs out. Though maybe not quite as versatile as a space pen, it is a force to be reckoned with all on its own and is sure to satisfy you for many papers to come.

Not only that, many buyers have been able to insert their favorite brand of ink into the Tactical Pens with no problems, including space pen ink.

As a weapon, Tactical Pens are no slouch. Many pens come with multiple different options for fighting back against an attacker or destroying things in your way, you’re sure to find plenty of different uses for your pen. They also work great as a first line defense or as a backup piece in the even you lose hold of another weapon.

The main draw of the tactical pens are their concealability. Able to blend in as any ordinary, if a bit hardcore, pen, it can be used in an unexpected surprise attack in a moment’s notice. Many are even TSA approved to go through a flight with you, though we urge caution in testing this out.

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